Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Wednesday, February 6th remains a mystery to me.  According to Facebook I got TONS of love and support that day.  I just love, love, LOVE going back and reading all of the incredibly sweet and supportive messages that my amazing friends, family, and ward members sent my way.  The best part is that not only were they very much needed and appreciated at the time, but still today I can go back during my rough moments and use them to help give me courage to move forward.

I'm gonna have to rewind just a bit because it just occurred to me that I missed blogging about a VERY important happening!!!  On Tuesday, February 5th my VIP group from The Arc came to see me!!!  I love The Arc.  I love everyone there.  I have worked/volunteered there since I was 12 years old and I honestly see many of the staff as a second family to me.  Throughout the years I have helped in many programs (y'all have probably heard me obsess over my summer camp, Partners and Pals, once or twice!), the most recent of which being the VIP program.  It is an afternoon program that meets twice a week and is geared towards high functioning adults with disabilities.  We just meet at The Arc and go have fun.  Movies, crafting, cooking, shopping, are just a few of the many things that we all do when we get together.  This past fall I had to resign from working that program regularly as my health was so spotty but I still go back regularly to volunteer or fill in for one of the four staff who currently work the program.

Sandi, the original VIP leader, got hold of me and asked if it would be alright for her to bring some of the VIP members by (only some because we have about forty!) the hospital to see me.  :)  I told her of course it was and waited patiently that Tuesday afternoon for them to arrive.  Sadly Sandi had to stay in the van, but Phronsie brought up a group of about ten people to come and visit with me.  They brought with them a "get well" card that they had made and all signed.  They all squished into my room and hugged me one by one.  They gathered around the foot of my bed and asked me question after question.  They told me about things that they had been doing without me at VIP.  Some told me about their own hospital experiences.  It was so good, so soul healing to get to visit with them.

These are some of my VIP people out to a Thanksgiving lunch at Old Country Buffet back in November.  I just love every single one of them!!!

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