Thursday, March 28, 2013


By Thursday, February 7th I had been getting insane amounts (the absolute maximum dose) of IV steroids (Solu-Medrol) daily for almost two days.  That is on top of the typical 40mg of Prednisone that I have been taking orally since November.  Much to my surprise, I wasn't feeling many side effects!  I was actually starting to feel a bit better!!  My ankle and foot pain was diminishing little by little and I could actually put pressure on them to stand and pivot myself in and out of my wheelchair instead of having to slide for my transfers.

When my hospitalist came in on Thursday he told me that he would be talking to the rest of the team, but he was pretty certain that they weren't going to transfer me nor do a PICC line.  He was happy that a difference was being made and even suggested that I may get to be released within the next few days.  That was absolutely wonderful news!  Not only did I "shout" it all over my Facebook, but I was ecstatic with everyone who came to see me that day!!!

Rick (my step-dad) was usually my first visitor of the day, he was also the only person I could early morning text!  He is an early riser and, although normally I'm NOT, in the hospital I had to be.  If I found myself bored, thinking too much, or just needing to chat I'd text him and he'd always respond.  When he came in to see me that morning we got to be excited about the news together.  On days that my Dad came he usually came an hour or two after Rick.  I can't remember if he came to see me that day or not but I know that he was excited when I did tell him.  After Dad it was usually Nicholle for her lunch break and then Julia on her lunch break.  The two girls were very excited with me, too!  In the evenings I could expect Rachel (and often her boyfriend Dan and his roommate Jordan) to swing by and she was VERY excited!!  Noelle typically came by in the afternoon or evening and I was blessed with many other friends who took the time to drop by.

Sadly, I can't remember everyone who came by!!  For example, Julie asked me the other day if I remember her and Livi bringing me a cupcake one day...I can vaguely remember Julie, I definitely remember hugging Livi, but have no recollection of the cupcake (although I saw it in one of my pictures and racked my brain like crazy to try and remember where it came from!).  I know that Lana came by multiple times, and Darci and boys stopped by with flowers and pictures from the boys.  I remember Travis and his girlies came by again and this time Katie brought me her Nintendo DS because she was very concerned that I was too bored.  Donna came by multiple times and I know that one evening/early morning (absolutely no clue which one) I was having a very emotional moment and feeling very alone so I decided that it would be okay to call her to help me through it.  Thank goodness she was so kind and compassionate that she actually answered her cell phone (it was like 2 or 3 in the morning on a work night!) and talked me through my meltdown.  I remember Rebecca stopping by and Joseph and Dianne and CJ and
my Bishop and Kim and Maggie and Kellen and Angel and Jamie and Jared and kids and my Grandma and my Aunt and Block and Ariel and I'm sure that there were more but, as I said earlier, my memory of this entire thing is so scattered!

Anyway, my point is that I am so very blessed and loved.  I am so grateful for each and every person who came to see me, sent something, wrote me a message, texted me, called me, prayed for me, and/or sent positive thoughts and vibes.  I particularly appreciate hearing from people that I don't typically talk to regularly.  One positive thing about going through this entire incident is that I've gotten to speak with people whom I haven't been in contact with for years.  :)

This is the best I've got for ya for this's the picture that I took and I saw the cupcake in but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how or where I got it from!  

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