Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Back in The Saddle"

This is my sixth blog.  Each one is about a different thing.  I'm a bit OCD (my movies are organized alphabetically, my clothes are hung up by color and sleeve length, and my books are organized by genre, then height).  Having one blog for multiple subjects, like most normal people, just doesn't sit well in my mind. So, I have one devoted to my life as a foster parent.  I have one devoted to my spiritual side.  I have one devoted to the genius moments that my sisters and I have in life.  I have one devoted to my dating life.  I have one that is completely secret and I allow no followers.  And now I have this one; my only public blog.

I'm not great at writing.  I don't think I convey my thoughts very well.  I'm a bit scattered.  Okay, a lot scattered.  I use too many commas, I use insane amounts of incomplete and super short sentences, I have been known to write run-on sentences, I attempt to use ten dollar words but I do so incorrectly, it's just a mess.  However, I find that writing is therapeutic for me.  Especially when I write and know that someone, anyone, is reading it.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I talk a lot.  A lot a lot.  I am a pretty open person.  Being open, honest, and laying everything out on the table helps me to deal with things.  It helps me to feel supported.  Everyone is completely different and I can guarantee that there are things that I have shared and will share about myself that others would never, but for me, it is beneficial.  Don't get me wrong; there are specific emotions and moments and pieces of information that I do keep private and/or I only share with a few very close friends, but overall I lay a lot out on the line.

Now, about this blog.  I have been having some health issues this past year.  I have been somewhat public (Facebook) about it.  I've tried to stay away from too much complaining, worrying, or discussing it.  However, it's about time I find a way to mentally cope with things.  

I know that the topic of health can be a very touchy subject and many people have many different views on the etiologies and treatments of health related issues.  I've been having my symptoms since the fall of 2011 and seeing a multitude of doctors since spring of 2012.  I have been told that I'm making up my symptoms, that I brought them on by focusing on them or being overweight or eating something specific or not eating something specific, that I'm not trying hard enough on tests resulting in false abnormal results, etc.  Some people in my life believe that all medical professionals are money grubbing liars who create illnesses in order to profit.  Some people in my life believe that anyone with a holistic approach to treating illnesses must be an out of touch hippie.  I have heard it all and everything in between.  

I personally believe that there is a happy medium.  I believe that there are helpful aspects of both extremes.  I believe that mixing aspects of western medicine with a holistic attitude is one's best bet to healing or treating an illness.  I am open to advice and thoughts from the entire spectrum; but my main point in bringing this up is to try and prevent any fighting, arguments, or contention.  On this blog and/or when in contact with me about any of my health related things, please keep that in mind.  Let's just all get along.  :)


  1. Nichelle, I've been through this too. Everyone in your life suddenly becomes an expert, right?y only advice is to remember you're the only expert on your body. Keep working with both sides of the medical spectrum, it will help you feel more in control at a time when it sounds like you have very little control of your life.

  2. We Love you Nichelle! Paige talks about you all the time.... Just know good thoughts are coming your way from our house AT ALL TIMES!! :o)! I dunno how to put my ding dang name on here... this is Amie Lee.... not anonymous! oo wait... I think I figured it out.... maybe...