Friday, September 28, 2012


I know that I'll be starting steroids (Prednisone) after my appt tomorrow.  I don't yet know what dose Dr. Stone wants to start me out at, but according to most online information (which we all know is always completely accurate!) it will be somewhat high.  Obviously every drug effects every person differently.  Since I've never taken steroids, I don't yet know how they will effect me.  However, we do have family experience with this drug and it makes me worry a little...

My youngest sister, Noelle, has been on and off Prednisone for years due to her severe Chron's.  Every single time that she is on it for longer than a few weeks she gains weight.  Significant amounts.  Usually a lot in her face.  She gets very moody and emotional.  She gets "roid rage".  One time she threw a remote control at my Mom's head.  At the time Mom didn't think that it was so funny.  Now it's a family joke to keep all throwable objects away from her (and now me) when on the roids.

After I voiced my concerns about taking the drug, my PCP, Dr. France, pointed out to me last week that there will also be many positive things that happen.  The rash on my chest that everyone thinks is acne will disappear therefore stopping the constant scarring that has been happening the past six months or so.  I should be able to breathe better.  I may be able to swallow solid foods without the assistance of water.  I will hopefully have fewer "bad days" when it comes to my body aches.  And, most importantly, it should stop the regression of all of those things that has been happening so rapidly.

The single fact that prior to the wide spread use of Prednisone to treat my disease it had close to an 80% mortality rate but since then the mortality rate has dropped to below 20%, is the main reason that I won't fight it.  I kind of like living.  But I'm tellin' ya'll what...I'm scared as hell to see which negative side effects my body and mind will experience!

Just as a precautionary measure, we should probably keep all sharp and throwable objects away from me for the next few months, someone might want to check in every once in a while to make sure that everyone (including Buddy) in my house is still alive and uninjured, everyone should tell me I'm looking good even if my face has tripled in size and I start to waddle, and please, PLEASE forgive me for any outbursts (of sadness, anger, I've heard even elation and euphoria are possible) for the next little while.  The week that PMSy Nichelle and Nichelle on roids collide may call for a tag team effort of hiding sleeping pills and/or Xanax in my food at regular intervals.

Me and my beautiful sister Noelle while she was not on the roids:

And Me and my still beautiful sister Noelle while she was on the roids:

Let me close with saying two things:

A) Hopefully I'll take after Noelle and be able to pull off the puffy look as flawlessly as she did!

B) I highly doubt that Noelle knows what a "blog" is or how to access one or that I have one (much less six) so let's all keep this post and pictures of her hush-hush, k!?  :)


  1. She looks fabulous either way and I'm sure you will continue to look fabulous no matter what! :-)