Monday, October 1, 2012

"Train Kept A Rollin'"

Not much to update, but I thought I'd get on and update that there isn't much to update.  You're welcome.

I am on the third day of my pills and the only thing I've noticed is an increase in my hunger.  I'm being absolutely meticulous about what goes into my body at the moment as well as exercising as much and often as I physically can (which, at a moderate walking pace on the treadmill is between 1 and 2 hours a day so long as I don't let my heart rate get about 140 or so, then I start gasping and can't breathe) and I've managed to lose 5lbs.  Trying to mentally prepare myself that it may not be off for good.  I'm sincerely hoping though that if I work hard enough I may be able to maintain my weight?  That may be a pipe dream, we will just have to wait and see.

I have an esophogram and a videofluoroscopy scheduled for this Thursday to look at why I can't swallow thick or solid foods anymore (at least not without the help of a drink) and that will be the last of my actual dr appts for a month or two as my short-term indemnity health insurance plan runs out Friday and the process to obtain health insurance now that I have a pre-existing condition is extremely lengthy.  Thank goodness I've got wonderful drs who have set up plans with me to communicate and adjust things in ways that won't cost me a penny until I am able to purchase health insurance again!  Not gonna lie, it will be nice to get a needle/procedure/appt break for a bit!

That's about it.  When I get biopsy results, above mentioned procedure results, or anything of any significance happens, I'll be back!  Until then, here's a picture of my sisters and I around Christmastime about twenty-two years ago.  (I'm stuck on this "people like pictures" thing and unless someone speaks up, I'm gonna keep posting random, or not so random, pictures with every post!)

PS-I'm not sure who I'm kidding, even IF someone speaks up, I most likely won't stop.  :)

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