Monday, August 26, 2013

"What it Takes"

There are different types of "exhausted".  There's "typical exhausted" the type of exhausted one gets when they chase around multiple children all day, pull an all nighter, or exercise excessively...and then there's "extremely exhausted" you might experience if you attempt to do all three aforementioned activities.  And then there's one type of "exhausted" that healthy people just can't understand.  The "chronic exhaustion" is something that most people with chronic illnesses, particularly autoimmune related, can all describe to you as far above and beyond "typical exhaustion".

I'm not trying to downplay typical exhaustion.  Exhaustion of any type is not fun!  I'm more taking a moment to vent and try to explain a bit about chronic exhaustion that is associated with an illness.  You know that type of exhaustion that your body feels when you have the flu?  The type that makes you physically hurt all over?  That winds you while walking from one room to another?  That makes you so tired that even thinking about moving stresses you out?  That.  That is the type of exhaustion that is associated with my illness.  (It is associated with many various chronic illnesses, but for the purpose of this post, from here on I will only be referring to myself and my illness so I don't misspeak for anyone else.)

I have anti-synthetase syndrome associated with the PL12 antibody (ASS...I love that I have "ASS" disease!!  LOL!), myositis, and leukocytoclastic vasculitis (LCV).  All three have 'extreme exhaustion' associated with them.  For me, some days are much better than others.  Today was a rough day.  It began by having a rough night of sleeping due to pain and who knows what else.  After a combined total of about four hours of sleep I was up for the rest of the day...but not at all productive.  Everything that I did today hurt.  All of my joints.  All of my muscles.  I showered and cleaned the microwave...massive successes in my book for the day.

Also, I have discovered that when I eat whole, raw, and organic foods I can absolutely feel a difference in my body.  Staying busy helps, as does trying to stay as stress free as possible.  The flip side of all of that is that eating better typically requires more money and energy, staying busy requires energy, and relieving stress...well...I don't do too poorly in that area.  :)

Looove my new juicing habit!!  :) 

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